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Drive Unstoppable Growth With
Full Funnel Marketing Services

Drive Unstoppable Growth With Full Funnel Marketing Services

Tailored revenue growth strategies engineered for tech companies
to maximize revenue growth and market share.


500% website traffic jump
200% lead gen boost in 6 months


Email responses soared by 120%
Sales conversions doubled post-CRM


250% spike in deal conversions
50% more new customers


Tripled quarterly revenue
Yearly growth sustained at 43%

// What We Do //

Innovate, Optimize and Accelerate

We offer a comprehensive suite of marketing and sales solutions tailored specifically for established Tech companies. By marrying innovation with strategic positioning, we don’t just aim for the competition—we set the pace. Let’s innovate your offerings, optimize your operations, and accelerate your path to meeting revenue targets, together.

Our solution offerings


Craft and execute bespoke go-to-market strategies for new products or market entry.


Develop targeted marketing campaigns to generate demand and leads.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Optimize website conversion rates through analytics, A/B testing, and user feedback.

SEO & Content Strategy

Improve organic search rankings and engage users with high-quality, relevant content.

Sales Process Optimization

Streamline and enhance sales processes with technology and best practices.

Training and Development

Provide sales teams with the training and tools they need to close more deals effectively.

Customer Journey Mapping

Analyze and optimize the customer journey to improve acquisition and retention rates.

Retention Strategy Development

Create targeted programs to increase customer loyalty and lifetime value.

Market Analysis & Expansion Planning

Conduct market analysis to identify expansion opportunities and develop penetration strategies.

Revenue Modeling & Forecasting

Build financial models to forecast revenue growth and identify scalability avenues.

Trusted by leading Tech Companies

4.9 Average rating

It is due to their excellent service, competitive offerings and support, we have established alignment between marketing and sales team with the help of CDM Techverse team. Now our MQL to SQL leads conversion rate has improved by 125%,


Marketing Head, APTARA

// Why CDMTechVerse //

Expertise, Experienced and Outcome Driven

We elevate your business by integrating advanced marketing and sales strategies with a deep understanding of the IT sector. Our process is designed to be as transparent as it is transformative, providing you with both industry-leading expertise and a collaborative partnership every step of the way.

Industry Expertise

Leveraging in-depth knowledge to create tailored strategies for IT services companies.

Technology Integration

Utilizing the latest martech and sales tech tools to enhance every aspect of your marketing and sales funnel.

360-Degree Approach

Offering comprehensive solutions that cover from lead generation to closing deals, ensuring no opportunity is missed.

Measurable Success

Focusing on tangible outcomes through clear KPIs and continuous optimization to drive revenue growth.

Collaborative Comms

Engaging in a conversational, client-focused dialogue that makes complex strategies accessible and actionable.

Strategic Focus

Aligning our efforts with your long-term business goals to ensure not just growth, but sustained market leadership.

// Success Stories//

Innovation to Implementation - Results our clients have achieved

55% improvement in MQL to SQL conversion rate

250% spike in deal conversions in 180 Days

// Why CDMTechVerse //

Diverse. Skilled. Visionary.

Sujata Upadhyay

Founder & CEO

Ajison Nair

Account Head & Writer

Avadhut Desai

Delivery Head and Writer

Pirojaa Deshmukh

Marketing Head

Vijayarani Londhe

Design Head

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